STEPHEN TUNNEY has recorded over 17 albums of music under the name DOGBOWL from 1987-2007.

His records have been released all over the world and he has toured throughout the USA, France, Belgium, Germany, the UK, Spain and Japan. He has also composed, recorded and released two original and experimental rock operas, FLAN, released by Shimmy-Disc in 1992 and NARCISSE performed in 2005 at The Theater For The New City in New York.

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Live at CBGB 1985-1986

Songs For Narcisse

Chien Lunatic

The Best of Dogbowl

Fantastic Carburetor Man

The Zeppelin Record

Live on WFMU

Dogbowl & Kramer
Gunsmoke (1995)

Dogbowl & Kramer
Hot Day in Waco (1994)

Project Success


Cyclops Nuclear Submarine Captain

Tit! (An Opera)

King Missile (Dog-Fly Religion)
They (1988)

King Missile (Dog-Fly Religion)
Fluting on the Hump (1987)
45 singles

Dogbowl and Peter Parker
Nuage, Nuage (1994)

Blue Fur Bosom Girl